A complete set of guides for evaluating service in a clothing store in Russian

Electronic PDF format, consists of 3 books in Russian.
11990 KZT

1. General instructions for stores - on 6 pages, with illustrations.

The instruction includes:

The methodology of the visit,
The main points that you need to pay attention to when checking,
Trading floor behavior instructions,
Methodology for filling out questionnaires.

2. The legend. Clothing store - on 6 pages, with illustrations.

The legend includes:

Description of the behavior of a “typical client”;
Description of the problem that the “client” is dealing with;
Options for questions and answers to questions;
The list of issues - objections;
Option to complete communication.

3. Application form. Clothing store - a standard template on 4 sheets, consisting of 9 blocks and 62 questions for checking the quality of customer service in the store.

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