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Ready solutions for service management

Working in fierce competition is the reality of companies that seek to increase profits. And this mode involves the strict organization of processes in terms of customer service. The staff must be able to properly communicate with customers, identify their requests and needs, be able to work with objections and prevent conflicts. And most importantly, make the client want to return again.

A lot depends on the coordinated work of the staff. There is growing trust in your company and in the products / services that you offer. Your ability to compete is increasing. The customer service standards contain mandatory rules, the use of which will help to stand out among competitors, objectively assess the level of customer service, focus employee training where it is really necessary and simply create a positive image. If you are not yet ready to create service standards on your own, but already want to have advantages in the market, we offer to purchase ready-made standards for your business, based on the methodology and technique of consulting sales, estimated by professional experts.

The instructions are intended to assess the quality of service in various areas of sales and services.

Legend is one of the components of a service rating system. Our Legends are as close as possible to the real situation and are developed taking into account the personal and behavioral characteristics of a “typical” customer (client, visitor, guest) to obtain a complete and correct assessment of the company's service and work, namely: meeting service standards, the ability to correctly identify customer needs, as well as the ability of the employee / seller / consultant to work with objections.

Everyone knows that the profit of the institution depends on the quality of customer service. Of course, every self-respecting company or chain of stores has customer service standards. This is a guarantee of increased sales and customer loyalty. But no system makes sense without control. And it is precisely the questionnaire, which reflects the criteria for the quality service of visitors, that will help to monitor the implementation of the prescribed rules of conduct and speech patterns by company employees. The questionnaire can be used in a declared way, with the help of a senior manager who, observing the staff, can make the necessary notes and analyze the results. It is also possible to program the questionnaire in the PLAN MSP System, which can be rented in our company. Good luck with your research.

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