Interviewer. Mystery shopper. Supervisor (Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus)

If you want to enjoy the service, to improve the service in your city, and just to have extra income, welcome.
An interviewer is an employee who does a survey of the population (by phone, in an organization, in shopping centers). We always have short interviews and your task is not to be afraid to ask questions and carefully fill out a questionnaire.
Mystery shoppers are people who are not indifferent to the service, and those who want to buy groceries, medicines, refueling cars, ordering pizza, going to a restaurant, manicure, hairstyle and much more at the expense of the company. And get extra income.
A supervisor is an employee who has or is able to assemble a team of Interviewers and Mystery Shoppers in his city and take on whole projects and, accordingly, earn more.

  • -Any age, gender and social status (so we have different projects); -Experienced PC user with Internet access; -Have a phone with a camera function and a voice recorder. Important personal qualities: We expect honesty, decency and punctuality from you. And also a positive outlook and a caring attitude to life.
  • -Ability to register in your account by reference; - Regularly have access to e-mail to receive legends, survey questionnaires, tasks and instructions; - Filling out forms.
Working conditions
  • Piece wage: depends on the number of questionnaires, polls, respondents, objects. Type of employment: free schedule, combining with another job. Experience: not required. If you want to be part of our team, click
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