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Development Director (Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey)

We are looking for serious managers who can fully lead and develop our unit in another country or region, it all depends on your experience and territorial affection. If you have a desire to manage…

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Interviewer. Mystery shopper. Supervisor (Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus)

If you want to enjoy the service, to improve the service in your city, and just to have extra income, welcome. An interviewer is an employee who does a survey of the population (by phone,…

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Research Manager (Remote Work)

Our company is engaged in marketing, social, internal corporate research. We work on the order of legal entities, as well as cooperate with state-owned enterprises. It can be said that half of our activity is…

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Project Manager (remote work)

The employee who receives the project from the sales manager, develops its implementation and leads to delivery to the customer. External projects are completely customer oriented. We have not only external, but also internal projects…

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Business Development Manager (telework)

If you are not used to working for a tick, know how to go towards your goals, communicate with new people easily, have negotiation skills, love to earn more than just a salary, then this…

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Dear employers, if you are ready to take on a permanent job a training manager, or you have an employee who wants to develop and conduct in-company staff training, we will help you to find out:

How to assess the knowledge of staff, and their use in working with clients;
How to assess the knowledge of staff, and their use in working with clients;
how to conduct internal surveys and what to do with the results;
How to make a focus group with customers and really find out something useful;
How to change processes in customer service at no cost.
How to develop trainings from scratch, taking into account the specifics of your activity;
How to conduct training, make it boring and useful;
What set of tools and techniques to use during staff training.

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