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Short seminars in a different format will appeal to entrepreneurs in any field of business. The method of teaching in an interactive form, in the form of a presentation, game, focus group or a specific lesson on the analysis of daily issues faced by managers, owners and managers of companies of any level. If you run a club of entrepreneurs or want to advertise your business in a useful format, we are waiting for your applications for holding a business seminar.

Having a meeting or brainstorming effectively is a very difficult task for a manager. As a rule, employees are asked in advance a question that will be discussed at a future meeting. They prepare, set forth their thoughts, which they then bring to the court leader and colleagues. Further ideas are taken to work or criticized. We know many organizations where this way of generating solutions is the weekly responsibility of all or nearly all employees. Most people are skeptical about this, and in time they only pretend that they are listening to or coming up with all the decisions minutes before the meeting. It is useless, and sometimes even reduces the authority of the leader.

From our master class you will learn:

– What are the most effective company management styles?
– Meeting methods effectively;
– Planning methods for 3-6-12 months;
– How to draw the attention of employees to important strategic issues of the company?
– Why do employees reluctantly take responsibility for their decisions?
– How to achieve employee involvement in the affairs of the company?
– Demonstration of effective brainstorming.

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What is a chip? A chip is a part where everything is fine!

On our master class you will find answers to the following questions:

– What to do to attract attention?
– How to stay in the memory of the client and in good standing?
– What design to use?
– Come up with your own chips or use what others have?
– How to create your own work style?

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The Master Class Program addresses various marketing tools in building and managing a business, HR processes, the control system, the development of brand strategies, the development of management personnel, staff involvement, and the marketing mix system.

By visiting this master class YOU:

– Learn how to create a brand;
– Get a method for selecting the right employees;
– Learn how to create competitive business processes;
– Understand what should be the system of development and training of personnel;
– How to control the work of sellers;
– What is the difference between motivation and staff incentives;
– Learn the features of the first and second purchase.

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Trust is a very important factor for a purchase. Therefore, it is not necessary to sell the client what he does not need or does not fit at the moment. The main thing that he was pleased in the future. And this should be done because you want to sell him not only now, but tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and many more times when he returns to you. You need to invest in your customers, in your customer base. Our master class will help you understand how to turn a potential buyer into a loyal one and keep him.

From our master class you will learn:

– What is arithmetic loyalty;
– Analysis of the cost of attracting a new client and keeping the old one;
– The concept of customer loyalty;
– Discounts. Is it always justified?
– What does the customer retention rate mean?
– All about loyalty factors.

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